Turkey’s Largest Mold Collection

Turkey’s only and largest national collection of molds that have been obtained by the purification of agricultural products and foods from various regions of Turkey and that are used in industrial production and training

Collection Content:

  • 2393 molds obtained from various agricultural products and foods found mostly in 9 agricultural regions of Turkey
  • 53 strains from Ottoman archives, 300 from hazelnut and 180 from grape
  • Systematic and printed catalog including a unique identity for each strain
  • In terms of its scope, a unique collection registered at World Federation for Culture Collections (WFCC)
  • Molds preserved with mineral oil protection, lyophilization and cryopreservation techniques that are recommended by WFCC
  • Out of the mold cultures in the collection, possibility to produce protease from 1415 items, amylase from 887 items, lipase from 820 items, cellulase from 282 items, b-glucanase from 392 items and xylanase from 410 items
  • Mycotoxigenic content of the collection: 318 Aflatoxins, 5 Alternariaols, 4 Altertoxins, 10 Fumigallines, 6 Gliotoxins, 18 Griseofulvins, 1 HT-2 toxin, 1 Malformin A, 43 Mycophenolic Acids, 39 Patulins, 37 Penicillic Acids, 45 Penitrem-A’s, 1 PR toxin, 122 Roquefortine C’s, 51 Cyclapiazonic acids, 5 Cytochalasin E’s, 20 Citrinins and 31 Sterigmatocystins

Usage Area:

Biotechnology Sector, Universities, Public Institutions, Research centers

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