R&d And Production Support For Food Industry

Research & development services in the Pilot Plant of the Food Institute on processed/semi-processed food products, intermediate products and additives

Capabilities and Infrastructures of Food Institute:

  • Trial production of food products/intermediate products
  • Pilot applications before device selection
  • Product trial and device usage application services for prospect investors at the Pilot Plant of the Food Institute
  • Sensory evaluation services for raw materials, semi-finished and end products
  • Heat treatment equipment: Dryers, heating-sterilization, evaporation
  • Extraction and separation equipment
  • Mixing and homogenization equipment
  • Grinding equipment
  • Bakery production equipment
  • Hazelnut processing equipment
  • Meat processing equipment
  • Package and packaging equipment
  • Industrial kitchen

Usage Area:

Food, Cosmetics and Chemicals sectors, Universities

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