Early Diagnosis Of Food Poisoning Incidents

Microfluidic detection system that allows mobile and rapid diagnosis of Salmonella, a pathogenic bacterium, with no need for laboratory environment

Product Properties:

  • Gives results faster than the DNA-based diagnostic kits on the market, at a reliability and sensitivity level equivalent to the classical and gold standard method of culturing
  • Gives results in 5.5 hours unlike the molecular-based kits on the market giving results in two and a half (2.5) days
  • Safe diagnosis with the system diagnosis limit which is quite lower than the number of micro-organisms that could cause disease upon food consumption
  • Detection of ≤10 bacteria in the food analyzed
  • Prevention of time and money losses by eliminating the problem of giving false positive results due to detection of dead bacteria that can no longer cause disease
  • Detection of live but non-culturable bacteria, as a mark of superiority over classical culturing method

Usage Area:

All laboratories offering food analysis, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Defense

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