Mobile Seismic Receiver Index

An easy-to-place 24-channel system for practical, fast and low-cost data collection in engineering-oriented shallow seismic studies consisting seismic reflection, refraction, tomography and surface wave methods

Product Properties:

  • Ability to modify geophone ranges (from 0.5 m to 10 m)
  • Ability to use varying geophone frequencies
  • Ability to use vertical, horizontal or 3-component geophone
  • Faster operation and lower labor costs than conventional seismic work owing to the ability of being towed by various vehicles

Usage Area:

In areas with proper topography;

  • Investigation of buried faults
  • Investigation of landslide and sinkhole areas
  • Detection of old galleries in mining sites
  • Determination of S-wave velocity for soil classification
  • Archaeological studies

and efficient and low-cost data collection in similar areas


Private/public institutions working on geosciences

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