Seismological & Gps Networks Installation And Operation

Installation and operation of seismological and GPS-based networks and providing trainings on product-oriented data evaluation

Capabilities of Earth and Marine Sciences Institute:

  • Design, installation and operation of regional/local networks used in Earthquake Activity Monitoring and Earthquake Source studies
  • Continuous and campaign-style GPS network design, installation and operation within the scope of Geodetic Deformation Monitoring Studies
  • Design, installation and operation of local seismological and GPS-based networks rapidly and effectively within the scope of Aftershock Studies
  • Seismological and GPS-based network operation and giving product-oriented trainings


  • Earthquake Catalogs/Distribution maps
  • Ground-motion mechanism solutions
  • Ground Deformation and Velocity Maps


  • Establishment of Turkey’s first seismological network (Klikya Network), Marmara Seismology Network (1996-Present)
  • Turkey’s first continuous GPS network, Marmara Continuous GPS Network (MAGNET) (1998-Present)
  • Aftershock sdudies conducted after the earthquakes in Erzincan (1992), Dinar (1995), Adana (1998), İzmit/Düzce (1999), Afyon (2002), Bingöl (2003), Bala (2007) and Bodrum (2017)
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