Recycle Of Waste Mineral Oil

Recovery of oil wastes resulting from the physical and chemical impurities due to the use of mineral oils made by distillation of crude petroleum or by synthetic processing, so as to eliminate the negative effects impacting environment and human health and to create a gain for the national economy

Capabilities of The Institute of Chemical Technology:

  • Development of a model to determine the amounts of wastes resulting from the use of mineral oils, hereby, making annual estimations and ensuring the control of the sector through monitoring
  • Development of waste mineral oil recovery processes and installation of the recovery facility by making use of an appropriate technology
  • Process competence determination, optimization and improvement for waste mineral oil recycling facilities
  • Cost-benefit analyses
  • Establishment of an effective control, audit and monitoring system with a computer program supported by a workplace-specific database
  • Recording of all the processes from the production phase to the disposal phase of the mineral oils through the database to be created
  • Creating cooperation opportunities in the evaluation of waste oil and establishment of a sustainable waste management
  • Establishment of laboratory infrastructure and providing training,
  • Creation and implementation of occupational health and safety awareness


A pilot plant has been established in TÜBİTAK MAM’s campus in Gebze. As part of another project, a study for productivity improvement was realized successfully in the recovery facility of a private company.

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