Low-cost Treatment Facility Installation

Installation of a treatment facility combining anaerobic pre-treatment with a constructed wetland for small settlements with a below-5000 population and a temperate climate, whose operating cost is quite lower than those of regular Wastewater Treatment Facilities

Facility Properties:

  • Operating cost is quite lower than those of regular wastewater treatment facilities
  • Since the wastewater is given to the system by gravitation, the energy use is at zero. When it is not possible to give the wastewater to the system in this way, the energy use is at minimum level because the pump is used only for giving water to the system.
  • It can be used in Turkey’s settlements with a population below 5000 and temperate climate conditions, summer resorts in coastal regions and individual houses.
  • No sludge is formed because the treatment takes place with the plant and filler material in the same reactor.
  • The systems developed and the design and operation criteria have revealed applicable referential values and experiences for various regions of Turkey.


A treatment facility has been established to treat the wastewater of Balçık Village in Gebze, with a population of 2,000 people. The facility is operated by İSU water authority.

A pilot treatment facility operating with anaerobic treatment method was established in the campus of TÜBİTAK MAM to treat the wastewater of the personnel lodging buildings.


 The invention entitled “Biological treatment of domestic wastewaters in a treatment garden” has been registered with the number TR 1997/ 00051.

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