Warm Mix Asphalt Additive

Inorganic asphalt additive for road applications which allows bituminous blends to be produced at 15-35 °C lower temperatures without compromising asphalt quality


  • Warm Mix Asphalt (WMA) allows to extend the construction season especially in regions with cold and rainy climate, to make the coatings faster, to protect the infrastructures from the water effect, to make the roadworks faster and timely and to put the roads into service rapidly
  • WMA applications reduce environmentally harmful emissions (by 30%-90%) in the production unit and area asphalted, and improve occupational health and safety
  • On average, 30% fuel and electricity saving in production
  • Extension of the economic life of the equipment owing to operation at lower temperatures
  • Low temperature reduces the wearing of bituminous binder and extends the lifetime of superstructures; which allows lower maintenance costs
  • Increase in the usage rate of recycled asphalt product (RAP) (50%-70%)


A road application trial was made in Ankara in June 2015 by using the warm mix asphalt additive obtained with the production process developed.

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