Casting Of Superalloy Parts For Operation Under High Temperature

Research, product-development and prototype-scale production of products to be used in high temperature applications of energy, aerospace, iron and steel sectors

Capabilities of Materials Institute:

  • High temperature metallic material manufacturing processes, open atmosphere and vacuum induction melting (VIM)
  • Controlled atmosphere and vacuum induction heat treatment
  • High temperature tensile, fatigue and creep strength tests
  • Thermal barrier and corrosion resistant coatings (EB-PVD, CVD)
  • Microstructural characterization infrastructure
  • Non-destructive inspection tests


  • Steam turbine blade manufacturing for the Yatağan Thermal Power Plant of EÜAŞ (Electricity Generation Company)
  • Manufacture of high temperature intra-turbine protective parts for the Hamitabat Power Plant of EÜAŞ
  • Manufacture of the premix gas distributor of the burner in the Ambarlı Power Plant of EÜAŞ
  • Development of prototype SSM-TEI monocrystalline aircraft turbine blade
  • Manufacture of the wear-bar parts of the hot mill furnace rollers in Erdemir-Kardemir factories
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