Design And Production Of Open Porous And Light Metal Foam & Honeycomb

Original design and manufacture of metal foams and honeycomb structures with regular and open porosity geometries that have energy absorption and heat transmission properties, for various applications requiring both strength and lightness

Product Properties:

  • Varying pore sizes (10 PPI-20 PPI)
  • Varying porosity rates (%80 - %95)
  • At relatively low density (aluminum ally: 0.07-0.5g / cm³; copper/brass alloy: ≈1.8g / cm³),
  • Aluminum alloy metal foams and aluminum and copper alloy honeycomb structures in regular and open porosity geometries

Usage Area:

  • Owing to energy absorbing features; the potential of use, singly or in sandwich form, in defense industry’s armor applications against explosives/fragmentation and in automotive industry’s bumper and crash box applications for protecting drivers and passengers
  • Owing to lightness; the potential of use in all kinds of vehicles, for side-walls, T-connections, etc.
  • Owing to heat transmission, open porosity geometry and high surface/volume ratio; the potential of use in the development applications of new types of compact heat exchangers with improved efficiency As sandwich panel, use in sound and heat insulation applications
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