Wind Power Monitoring And Estimation System

A wide-scale system that measures electrical power generated in wind power plants, makes automatic estimations about the future electrical power generations of such plants through machine-learning/data mining methods and monitors actual production values and forecasts

Product Properties:

  • Collection of real-time and continuous power and power quality data from power plants
  • Data collection from the sensors of wind observation stations in power plant sites
  • Collection of turbine status data from power plant SCADA systems
  • Automatic and continuous retrieval of forecasts generated by the ALARO digital weather forecast model from the General Directorate of Meteorology
  • Automatic and continuous retrieval of forecasts generated by the GFS and IFS digital weather forecast models from international organizations
  • Making weather forecasts by WRF digital weather forecast model
  • Very short-term (up to 6 hours) power estimation with methods like AR and ARX
  • Short-term (48-hour) power estimation by making use of physical, machine-learning/data-mining methods (artificial neural networks, support vector machines)
  • Short-term power estimation by hybrid methods combining 
  • Storing of all measurement and forecast data in a central database
  • User interface software of the system allows:
    • Real-time monitoring of measurement and forecast data
    • Querying historical measurement and forecast data and creating reports automatically

Usage Area:

General Directorate of Renewable Energy, Wind Power Plants

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