National 1mv Accelerated Mass Spectroscopy (Ams) Laboratory

Turkey’s first and only AMS laboratory that allows dating by Accelerated Mass Spectroscopy -the most precise analysis method used in earth, marine and environmental sciences, archaeology, biomedicine and criminology- and eliminates the country’s foreign dependency in the field

Laboratory Infrastructure and Capabilities of Earth and Marine Sciences Institute:

  • Carbon-14 sample preparation laboratory
  • 1 Mega Volt AMS System that can measure 14C, 10Be, 26Al, 131I, 41Ca isotopes
  • Dating by Carbon-14 analysis on organic-origin samples like carbonized material, wood, seeds, shells, bones, paper, parchment, corals and sediments

Usage Area:

  • Cosmogenic dating in geological studies
  • Carbon-14 dating on archaeological samples
  • Determination of iodine 131 emissions around nuclear power plants


As the most advanced laboratory in the Middle East and Balkans, world class services to national public institutions/organizations and international customers by Carbon-14 dating analyses since 2016

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