Load Dispatching Information System

Electricity transmission system modeling, monitoring, reporting, power systems analysis, operational optimization, security control and decision support system

Product Properties:

  • Static and dynamic equipment modelling for electricity transmission systems
  • Recording operational processes and monitoring them on display panel
  • Infrastructure for monitoring electrical quantities, automatic data collection and storage of water and meter data
  • Visualization of topology and load flows, single-line drawing and mapping
  • Creating reports on generation, consumption, peak demand, installed power, international trade, operation, etc.
  • Siemens PTI PSS/E, DIgSILENT PowerFactory, CIM/CGMES modeling output
  • Real-time grid analyses, security and constraint analyses
  • Future-time demand estimation and operational optimization analyses
  • Nationwide comprehensive coverage and web-based accessibility
  • Big data processing, statistical modeling and web services

Usage Area:

Electricity Generation Sector, Electricity Transmission and Distribution Operators



Turkish Electricity Transmission Corporation (TEİAŞ)

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