Crime Scene Investigation Materials

Domestic production of crime scene investigation supplies like fingerprint powders, fingerprint sprays, fingerprint brushes and fingerprint lifting tapes which are currently imported to meet the needs of Turkish National Police (EGM) Crime Scene Investigation and Identification Directorates

Crime scene investigation supplies developed by the Institute of Chemical Technology:

  • SEPYA - Heavy Black Fingerprint Powder
  • ZİFİR - Light Black Fingerprint Powder
  • SEDEF - White Fingerprint Powder
  • MAGNET - Black Magnetic Fingerprint Powder
  • BEYMAN - White Magnetic Fingerprint Powder
  • SAFRAN - Yellow Fluorescent Fingerprint Powder
  • Siyah SPR (Black SPR) - Black Fingerprint Spray
  • Beyaz SPR (White SPR) - White Fingerprint Spray
  • Fiberglass Fingerprint Brush
  • Magnetic Applicator
  • Fingerprint Lifting Tape (in strip)
  • Alternative Fingerprint Powders (bentonite based fingerprint powders [purple color fingerprint powder and blue color fluorescent fingerprint powder] and humic acid based fingerprint powder)


National Police Department

Crime Scene Investigation and Identification Directorates


A national patent application has been filed to Turkish Patent and Trademark Office regarding the invention entitled “Production and Use of Humic Acid Based Powders in Developing Invisible Fingerprints”. The application number is 2015/01577. An exclusive license was granted to “Aktif Savunma ve Ticaret Limited Şirketi” and Şenyuva Fırça Sanayi ve Ticaret Limited Şirketi”.

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