TÜBİTAK MAM hosted a Pharmacology meeting on the 9th October 2019 with the participation of the Kocaeli University Rector Prof. Sadettin HÜLAGÜ, the Vice Rector Prof. Nilgün FIĞLALI, the Industry and Technology Ministry Kocaeli Provincial Director Mr. İlhan AYDIN, the officials of Kocaeli Chamber of Industry and representatives from sector-leading pharmaceutical companies.

The President of MAM Prof. İbrahim KILIÇASLAN stated that many innovations within the health system are also related to the pharmaceutical sector, and that significant steps are taken not only in therapeutic but also in preventive medicine. He expressed that TÜBİTAK MAM Herbal Medicine Center of Excellence is available for cooperation with universities and the sector companies.

Kocaeli University Rector Prof. Sadettin HÜLAGÜ stated that the process of change in the world focuses on humankind due to increasing lifetimes, changing immune levels and varying health problems caused by environmental impacts. He added that the pharmaceutical sector gains more importance every day; and expressed the importance of infrastructure investments made in Kocaeli University Hospital.

After the presentations by Dr. Osman OKUR, the Director of TÜBİTAK MAM Institute of Chemical Technology, Prof. Şaban TEKİN, the Director of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology Institute and Prof. Hüsnü EFENDİ from Kocaeli University; the delegation paid onsite visits to the Herbal Medicine Center of Excellence and the Biotechnological Drug Center of Excellence.

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