What's in the library?

MAM Cahit Arf Library collection primarily includes publications on the subjects needed by the units it serves in the campus. The library collection includes a variety of publications such as books, periodicals, electronic databases, patents, theses, reports, DVD and BluRay publications, standards, reference materials (encyclopedia, dictionary, yearbook, almanac, etc.), maps, statistics, TÜBİTAK Popular Science Publications and many more genres and formats.

How can I access publications in the library?

MAM Cahit Arf Library uses open shelf system. The collection can be scanned through the library catalogs. The system allows accessing detailed information about the resources through location number.

How can I use periodicals?

In MAM Cahit Arf Library, printed periodicals can be accessed on the 3rd, 4th and 5th floors as individual issues and in bound form. Printed periodicals can be scanned from the library catalog and library web pages. Electronic periodicals can be accessed under IP control.

Is photocopy available at the library?

MAM Cahit Arf library offers photocopy service. Copyrights should be observed when photocopying.

Can I search for publications on my subjects in the library?

Publications can be searched on the databases subscribed by the library.

Can I access the book catalogs without coming to the library?

All library resources are available on YORDAM automation system. Publications can be accessed by scanning the catalog on the automation system. The scanning screens can be accessed from the Catalog Scanning link.

Can I buy TÜBİTAK Popular Science Books at the library?

TÜBİTAK Popular Science Publications are sold with Cash/Credit Card on the ground floor of MAM Cahit Arf Library.



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