STATCOM that controls reactive power flow where it is connected on the electricity generation, transmission and distribution system, regulates voltage, compensates reactive power, increases the limit values of transient and dynamic stability and prevents voltage dips

Product Properties:

  • Short reaction time (around 100ms)
  • Lower losses than other RGK systems
  • Low rates of current and voltage distortion
  • Smaller footprint than similar systems
  • Operation at full capacity regardless of the voltage at the point where it is connected
  • Reactive power capacity
  • ±1.75MVAr VSC STATCOM - Kemerköy Electricity Generation Company (EÜAŞ)
  • ± 50 MVAr STATCOM - 10.5kV Sincan TM (TEİAŞ)
  • 2x±6.5MVAr 6.3kV STATCOM - Kemerköy Electricity Generation Company (EÜAŞ)
  • ±25MVAr 10.5kV STATCOM - Viranşehir TM (TEİAŞ)
  • 2x±12.5MVAr 10.5kV STATCOM - Kızıltepe TM (TEİAŞ)

Usage Area:

Power Generation Plants, Electricity Transmission System Operators, Electricity Distribution Companies, Iron and Steel Industry, Cement Industry 

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