Scada, Protection And Synchronızatıon System

Control, protection and synchronization system consisting of shelf-product equipment that meets the current requirements of power plants for smart power generation

Product Properties:

  • Redundant project servers
  • Controller with high process capacity
  • Joint MW, MVAr and busbar voltage control
  • Design conforming to IEEE Std 1010-2006
  • Pages in Turkish language allowing the monitoring of the whole power plant
  • Alarms, event lists, trend charts, reporting tables
  • Automatic sequencing of units, switchgears and common sections, automatic turn-on functions
  • Possibility of adding input-output signals in required numbers
  • Generator, main power transformer, internal requirement, excitation transformer protection functions, equipment and block differential protection
  • Automatic synchronization system and synchro-check device

Usage Area:

Hydroelectric Power Plants

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