Hydrogen-burning Catalyst

Catalytic converting hydrogen gas, which has flammable and explosive properties at ambient temperature, into water vapor and eliminating the hazard

Product Properties:

  • Measuring 324 x 174 x 85 mm (length x width x height)
  • Weighing 5 kg ± 5% (per device)
  • Operating at 0 - 125 °C temperature range
  • 200 liters of hydrogen burning capacity per hour (capacity at 2% H₂)
  • Start of combustion at 0.15% H₂ concentration
  • Start of combustion at temperatures above 0 °C
  • The exhausted catalysts are recovered by reactivation and operationalized.

Usage Area:

Defense Industry, Battery Rooms


All the submarines in Gölcük Naval Shipyard Command use this product for the recovery and regeneration of the catalysts.


A national patent application has been filed to the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office regarding the invention entitled "A Method for Turning Carbon-Supported Metal Catalysts In Powder Form into Flexible Plates in a Short Period of Time". The application number is 2015/15235.

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