Bentonite Plant Installation

Production of dehumidifiers, bleaching earths and water-based and solvent-based bentonite products with high added value and pilot plant installation

Capabilities of The Institute of Chemical Technology:

  • Conversion of the raw materials that used to be exported for cheap prices, into the bentonite products below with high value added
  • Pilot plant installation

Usage Area:

Mining Enterprises


The products of TÜBİTAK MAM pilot plant have been manufactured good enough to compete with the most used products in the market and have been tested by the end user companies.


Two national patent applications have been filed to Turkish Patent and Trademark Office regarding the invention entitled “Bleaching Earth Production By Chemical Enrichment” with the number TR2011/03325 and the invention entitled “Dehumidifier Bentonite Production” with the number TR2011/03326.

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