4th National Polar Science Workshop & 1st Polar Sciences Education and Outreach Festival

With the establishment of TÜBİTAK Marmara Research Center Polar Research Institute (TÜBİTAK MAM KARE) in 2019, a scientific body has come to life to serve as an umbrella organization in Turkey. Polar Research Institute, which is in charge of many researches and activities from the implementation of 2018-2022 National Polar Science Program to the performing of Scientific Polar Expeditions, will hold the 4th National Polar Science Workshop on the 22nd October and the Festival of Polar Sciences Education and Outreach on 22nd and 23rd October 2020 in the Gebze Campus of TÜBİTAK.

Under the auspices of the Presidency of Republic of Turkey and with the support of the Ministry of Industry and Technology, “National Polar Science Program 2018-2022” was issued and entered into force in December 2017. Under this program, a “National Workshop of Polar Sciences” is held every year to evaluate the results of scientific projects, studies and expeditions conducted by Turkish scientists in polar fields and to discuss the developments in priority areas. Accordingly, the first and second National Polar Sciences Workshops were hosted by Istanbul Technical University on 12-13 April 2017 and 12-13 September 2018. The third National Polar Sciences Workshop was hosted by the Middle East Technical University on 5-6 September 2019.

Please click here to take part and to present a paper in the 4th National Polar Sciences Workshop that will allow the exchange of polar experiences and new ideas by bringing together researchers conducting studies in polar sciences with a motive to learn more about both the Arctic and Antarctic regions.

Time Frame:

Registration of Participants: 01 August-10 October 2020

Abstract Submission: 01 August-18 September 2020

Review of Abstracts:  18 September-30 September 2020

Announcement of Granted Abstracts: 01 October 2020

Publication of Abstract Book: 21 October 2020

Workshop: 22 October 2020

Festival: 22-23 October 2020


Further notes on the workshop for scientists:

1- It is of great importance to fill out the information required at the link completely, and the Institute cannot be held responsible for any inconvenience caused by lack of information.

2- The complete texts of abstracts presented in the workshop will be subjected to a review for publication in Afyon Kocatepe University Journal of Science and Engineering, upon the consent and demand of authors following a secondary review.

Further notes on the festival for schools:

1- For Participating in the Festival: Schools that would like to participate in Polar Science Talks, Documentary Presentations and Workshops during the festival need to contact with the Institute, together with their school groups, through the e-mail kutup@tubitak.gov.tr

2- For Opening A Stand: It is planned to set up stands for promotion/awareness raising from 09:00 to 17.00 on 22 and 23 September 2020. Students willing to exhibit studies on polar sciences need to contact with the Institute through the e-mail address kutup@tubitak.gov.tr


For your questions and suggestions: kutup@tubitak.gov.tr

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