Vehicle Central Control Unit

Allows the communication of subsystems in vehicle and controls the upper level functions

Product Properties:

  • Microcontroller: TMS570 ARM Cortex-R4F 180 MHz AUTOSAR and ISO26262 compatible
  • Memory: 3MB Flash, 8MB RAM
  • Analog Input Channel: 12 Bit ADC - 24 pieces (±15V)
  • Digital I/O: 18 Inputs, 16 PWM/GO Outputs
  • Sensor Supply: 7 pieces (4x5V, 3x10V)
  • Communication: 3xCAN, 2xFlexRay, 1xLIN, 1xEthernet, 1xRS232
  • External Storage: SD card logger
  • Operating temperature:-40 °/+ 125 °
  • Other Properties: AL5083 case, Ip67/68 protection, MOLEX type connector

Usage Area:

Automotive Industry

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