Traction Control Unit

The first national traction control unit featuring a long-lasting and reliable hardware and software architecture with debugging functionality for the control of traction system

Product Properties:

  • System Supply Voltage: 110 VDC
  • Digital Input/Output Supply: 24 and 110 VDC
  • Processor Type: PowerPC, DSP, FPGA
  • Fiber Optic Channels: 4x11 Channels (RX&TX)
  • Analog Input Channels: 4x13 Channels (Converter) 2 Channels (Catenary)
  • Digital Input Channels: 4x4 Channels (Converter) 4 Channels (System)
  • Digital Output Channels: 4x4 Channels (Converter) 4 Channels (System)
  • Temperature Channels: 4x12 Channels (8 PTC/NTC, 4 PT100)
  • Expansion Channels: 16 Analog Inputs, 2x24 Digital Inputs, 12 Digital Outputs
  • Communication Channels: RS232, CAN, GPS, GSM

Usage Area:

Rail Vehicle Manufacturer Companies

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